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30 March 2015 Fan Review Final Report
25 February 2015

Minutes second stakeholder meeting

February 2015

Comments made by Piller on discussion document

Comments made by EPEE

Comments Witt & Sohn on jet fans limits, presentation and discussion paper on application limits

Comments Siemens Wind Power on the discussion document

Document on centrifugal fans and case design by Nicotra Gebhardt

Position papers EVIA

Comments made by Woodcock & Wilson

ECOS comments on the fan review study

Comments received from TLT turbo

Halifax position paper

JRAIA revised position paper

Multi-Wing follow up comments after the 2nd stakeholder meeting

Letter from Dr William Cory on the proposals for improvements in the energy efficiency of fans

Position paper Helios on box and rooftop fans

Comments Elta Group on Discussion document

Paper on Dual Purpose, ATEX and Reversible Fans by European AMCA

Position Paper Torin-Sifan on Consultation Document

Paper on slopes by Howden

Paper on dual use smoke ventilation fans Nuaire

Discussion document Ziehl-Abegg

Comments Soler & Palau on the proposed verification tolerances in the discussion document

Discussion and proposal paper Ebm-Papst

Axial fan efficiency proposal by Witt & Sohn

23 January 2015 Presentation second stakeholder meeting
January 2015

Position paper Daikin on the Discussion document

Position paper Océ Technologies on the Discussion document

Comments Fläkt Woods on the Discussion document

Multi-Wing's policy guidelines and recommended policy guidelines for integrated and built in fans

Aldes comments on the Discussion document

EVIA position paper on Discussion document and supporting document indicative benchmark

Witt & Sohn position paper on the proposed slopes in the Discssion document

Eurovents proposed amendments to the Discussion document

December 2014 Eurovent position paper on Discussion document and Working definition placing on the market and Extended position on cooling towers
2 December 2014 Invitation 2nd stakeholder meeting, 22 January 2015, Centre Borschette
25 November 2014 Discussion document in PDF and Word
October/ November 2014

Eurovent position paper on Cooling towers

EBM Papst position paper and data on Efficient motors and Small fans 30-125W

Multi-Wing position paper on Fan Regulation

Joint industry position papers on the Fan Regulation and Spare parts

Howden position papers on Not Final Assembly and Replacement Fans

31 October 2014 Minutes first stakeholder meeting
2 October 2014

Presentation first stakeholder meeting

Daikin general position paper and case study on cascading

CECED position paper on the fan review study

30 September 2014

EVIA position on first interim report

Eurovent position paper on Box and Roof fans

29 September 2014 Eurovent Position paper on Replacement Parts and Market Surveillance
4 September 2014 Fan Review - First Interim Report 20140731
14 July 2014 Eurovent Position paper on Replacement Parts
9 July 2014 Background documents: The 2008 Preparatory Study (Lot 11) and the 2011Impact Assessment
9 July 2014

Eurovent Position paper on Fan definitions (not final assemblies)

Second EVIA paper on fan efficiency slopes (by Witt&Sohn)

4 July 2014 EVIA presented a paper on fan efficiency slopes (by Helios)
26 June 2014 VHK Stakeholder consultation - Survey 01

6 June 2014

On 5 June 2014 VHK gave a presentation to Eurovent representatives / members.

On 6 June 2014 Eurovent published a position paper.


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