European Commission


The review study will provide background information for the Commission to decide on the review of Fan Regulation 327/2011, as stated in article 7:

"The Commission shall review this Regulation no later than 4 years after its entry into force and present the result of this review to the Ecodesign Consultation Forum. The review shall in particular assess the feasibility of reducing the number of fan types in order to reinforce competition on grounds of energy efficiency for fans which can fulfil a comparable function. The review shall also assess whether the scope of exemptions can be reduced, including allowances for dual use fans".

Other topics for the review are based on the Fan FAQ document.

This review study shall include the following tasks:

  • Task 1 Reduce (differentiated minimum requirements for) fan types
  • Task 2 Reduce exemptions
  • Task 3 Adequacy of dual use allowance
  • Task 4 Requirements for jet fans
  • Task 5 Adequacy of market surveillance

Other subjects or items can be proposed to study author (see Contact & Links)